Centers for Youth and Families offers training courses throughout the year for Childcare Providers.On-site specialized trainings are available in addition to our open enrollment classes. Completion of courses will count towards Continuing Education Units.


Below is a list of our upcoming training dates:


Inside the Preschool Classroom (Preschool Age)
Want to have a less hectic and more harmonious day in the preschool classroom? Join us for some tried and true methods
for managing the classroom, improving behavior and communicating with parents.
Saturday, April 20th • 9:00 am—12:00 noon
$15.00 per person
Facilitated by: Michelle Young, M.Ed.


Managing Difficult Behaviors (2 years and up)
Take control of your classroom by looking at techniques to help children manage their behavior; communication
that encourages awareness and cooperation, and teaches respect; and suggestions for talking with parents about their child(ren).
Saturday, May 18th • 9:00 am—12:00 noon
$15.00 per person
Facilitated by: Carolyn Mathews, B.A.


Right from Birth (0-18 months)
Caregivers will be led through the stages of early childhood development from birth to 18 month with practical advice on the total development of children that includes developing brains, learning skills, emotions, relationships, and a child’s feelings about him/herself.
Saturday, June 15th • 9:00 am—12:00 noon
$15.00 per person
Facilitated by: Michelle Young, M.Ed.

To enroll in a course, or to discuss an on-site training, please contact The Parent Center at 501.666.6833 and ask for Carolyn Mathews.